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manduca First PureCotton DarkGrey

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The pure joy of carrying - simple yet stylish!
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The pure joy of carrying
The manduca First PureCotton baby carrier stands out with its bright colours and clear design. For all parents who like design that’s simple yet stylish. manduca First PureCotton is an ergonomic carrier based on our manduca First.

Tested and awarded
Produced with fabrics made of 100% organic cotton and parts which undergo stringent testing for harmful substances, manduca First PureCotton has been awarded the 2016 German Design Award Special Mention.

•Fabrics made of 100% certified organic cotton
•Revised fabric quality (soft & fluff free finish): extra soft canvas cotton, which hardly attracts lint
•Brilliant colours and purist design
•European production
•Awarded the 2016 German Design

•Patented back extension
•Integrated infant seat
•Can be used on your chest, hip or back
•Ergonomic hip belt
•Fits both tall and short parents
•Can be used for children from 3.5 kg to 20 kg in weight
•Meets the CEN/TR 16512:2015 standard

Outer shell
•100% certified organic cotton
Inner shell
•100% certified organic cotton

organic cotton

One Size


Organic cotton
No plastic sheet
Single packaging

heavily padded
Front carrier
Hip brace
Back carrier
Buckle (2-P. Hip Belt)
Buckle (3-P. Hip Belt)

Czech Republic



manduca First
Standard model (never out of stock)

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