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manduca® by MaM® Double Dickey Fleece, Cinnamon

Item number: 199-91-20-001;0
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Shawl collar for two

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The MaM Babywearing Double Dickey is a shawl collar for two that keeps you and your baby cuddly warm. It is made from soft polar fleece or bouclé fleece. You can wear them either together or separately.


  • Warm dickey made from soft polar fleece
  • Baby and adult dickeys can be used together or separately
  • Warms up your neck, chest and back at the same time
  • Can be combined with any jacket, coat or cover
  • The dickey is adjustable and can be opened in the back
  • One size and wearable from 6 months of age to adulthood
  • Patented design from Finland


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for front carry or back carry
  • Black and Dark Iris Bouclé are made with recycled material

Attention: This is not a baby carrier! It is solely designed to be used in combination with a baby carrier.

Material: Bouclé fleece

  • 100 % Polyester


Woven fabric

Alter/ Größe

One Size
0-12 Monate
0-24 Monate
0-48 Monate



Einsatzbereich / Funktionen

Indoor & Outdoor
Alle Jahreszeiten
Front carrier
Back carrier

Herkunft/ Produktionsstandort


Aussehen / Farbe



Limited Edition
manduca by MaM

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