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XT Cotton XT LimitedEdition XT Kanga XT Tester Other
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Duo bellybutton by manduca Duo Duo Tester Other
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Twist Twist LimitedEdition Twist Tester Other
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Sling Sling LimitedEdition Sling Tester Other
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Pouch FumBee ZipIn Size-It ExTend
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classic breeze marsupi Tester Other
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manduca Katalog

You will find all relevant information and technical data of our entire manduca product range at a glance:

  • - Features of the original manduca baby carriers, accessories and other everyday helpers
  • - Logos and references to product-specific awards and special features
  • - Images of current colours and designs
  • - Material and size specifications
  • - Shipping and sales relevant article data

manduca is a trademark of Wickelkinder GmbH (manufacturer)

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